My Brilliant Journey: Campbell College, Belfast


Meet Finlay. Finlay is a boarder at Campbell College, a boarding school for boys situated in the leafy suburb of East Belfast.  Finlay has been boarding at Campbell since September and particularly enjoys the wealth of sporting opportunities on offer within the college’s 100 acre estate.


“If you love sport then Campbell College is a great choice,” says Finlay.  “From fencing and kayaking to rugby and athletics, there’s lots of options to get involved in as much sport as you can fit into your week! There’s also the benefit of having all the facilities on-site including a swimming pool, Astro-turf pitches and a well-equipped gym. Being a boarder means that we can access the sport facilities after school and in the evenings, what’s more, there’s always someone who’s keen for a game of tennis or some cricket practice, especially in the summer term.”


As a keen and promising hockey player, Finlay is also benefiting from regular coaching from an Old Campbellian and ex-Olympian hockey player, Peter Carruth.


“I would love to have a career in sport when I leave Campbell College so hopefully with great coaching and the support from the school, I’ll be able to realise my dreams!”


Aside from sport, Finlay enjoys the camaraderie and friendships he’s made whilst boarding at Campbell. 


“It is great fun, there’s always something happening and you never feel alone or bored. I am also learning to be independent and make decisions for myself which I think is good preparation for life beyond school.”

Finlay’s Five Favourites

Favourite Food in Boarding                   Sausages

Favourite Place                                       Anywhere there’s sport!

Favourite Subject                                   PE and ICT

Favourite Hobby                                     Hockey, Football and Hurling

Favourite Northern Ireland Saying         “What’s the craic?”

Sara Boyd