Florence – Victoria College Belfast


Meet Florence from Magherafelt in County Londonderry. Sixteen year old Florence is a weekly boarder at Victoria College, Belfast and loves the whole boarding school experience especially the friendships she has made with fellow boarders.

“I’ve met so many people from different parts of Ireland and overseas which has really broadened my horizons and understanding of other cultures and backgrounds.  The friendships made in boarding are really important and I know I’ve made friends for life at Victoria.  Sometimes we can talk for hours on end in the evenings, living in a boarding house with my friends is definitely saving my phone bill!” says Florence.

Like many of other boarders, Florence finds that boarding has helped her develop her confidence and her independence.

“I have to manage my own pocket money in boarding,” explains Florence, “which is something I feel is important for any teenager.  Generally, I feel that I have become much more organised and responsible for managing my school work and free time. Of course, we’ve lots of support from the teachers and boarding staff as we progress through the school but I would say that boarding is really preparing me well for life beyond school.”

Victoria College is a leading non-denominational school for girls aged 2-18 years old.  Victoria College is located in the leafy Malone Road area of South Belfast with a thriving boarding department.  Victoria College consistently produces excellent academic results and prides itself on the added value provided in the College to ensure that each pupil is inspired and challenged to be the best that she can be.



Florence’s Five Favourites

Favourite Food in Boarding                                 Soups

Favourite Place                                                     Giants Causeway, Co.Antrim

Favourite Subject                                                 Geography

Favourite Hobby                                                   Swimming

Favourite Northern Ireland Saying                       “Wee!”

Sara Boyd